The League against Vapor Discrimination

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The League against Vapor Discrimination Empty The League against Vapor Discrimination

Post  tonymore on Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:15 pm

The League against Vapor Discrimination is committed to fight against all entities that maintain a policy to prevent the sale, purchase or use of personal vaporizers, e-liquids ,e-cigarettes, and accessories, products that promote a healthier alternative to tobacco use and have been proven to help smoking cessation.
If you believe as we do, join us in the fight.
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The League against Vapor Discrimination Empty Re: The League against Vapor Discrimination

Post  wbart on Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:44 pm

I think that your heart is in the right place but might I suggest educating everyone you meet, Smoker and non-smoker alike. Most of the problems I have had with people and establishments concerning the use of my vape is solved by explaining exactly what it is and like it or not vaping is associated with smoking so people's first response to it is going to be that it is a electronic cigarette, a term that I despise. But if an owner of a store does not want people vaping in there that is his right as well. I can understand and appreciate both sides of this.

As far as the sale of it goes I agree that trying to ban it is beyond belief. I put it up there with trying to ban chemotherapy. It is something that may hurt you a little but get rid of something that could kill you. Nicotine does have some bad side effects but nothing compared to the tar and other chemical compounds in cigarette smoke.

My advice to everyone is just share your stories with your friends. Take them to a Vape store and have them try out some 0nicotine liquid and explain everything that goes into it.

If enough people do this then there will not be a misunderstanding when it comes to lawmakers because everyone will know the truth.

That Vapes are the best way to quit smoking and I have had at least 5 people that use them instead of snacking.

Sorry for the Rant

Vape ON

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