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The "Right" Way to Smoke Empty The "Right" Way to Smoke

Post  louisc0591 on Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:12 pm

First post on vape dojo! so i'm new to vaping. started about 20 days ago and haven't looked back to analogs since then! i was ready and willing to vape after a buddy of mine got me started.

smoked analogs for about 7-8 years and a few years ago i bought my first ecig (smoke everywhere mall vendor). the ONLY reason i bought it was so i could smoke in my dorm at college. once i purchased it i noticed the vapor was nowhere near my smoke so i directly inhaled the vapor from the ecig into my lungs. if it were an analog i would have taken a pull into my mouth and then inhaled it into my lungs. 3 weeks ago i came into dojo and bought a evod started kit and fell in love with it. from that day on i always took a drag directly from my evod to my lungs and never had any issues.

yesterday i received a blue stainless steel smoktech groove with a blue protank (would have ordered it from dojo but there were no stainless steel grooves and only the clear glass protanks). since i have been smoking this device, the past few days i noticed my lungs starting to hurt. not so much my throat though. ive been vaping 24mg/ml ejuice (some from dojo some from other vendors). i have noticed more so with vape dojo's ejuice that eventually my lungs start to hurt a little. i am coming in tmrw to get some more ejuice and will prob step down to 18 to lessen the throat hit and enhance the flavor. i saw a post on that explained the "proper" way to vape (taking a slow drag and then inhaling it). in the article it did a good job of explaining how the vapor from ejuice works and that its more efficient to puff and proceed to inhale the vapor rather than doing a direct hit to the lungs. i started taking puffs and than inhaling but now im noticing my throat/lungs hurt more during the direct lung hits.

my question is, what do you all prefer? i saw many other posts on ecf that said do whatever you feel. if ive been steadily vaping for 3 weeks and step down my nic content should that help? i prefer to take a direct hit into the lungs cause i get a much warmer, thicker, and flavorful hit. btw i have a 2.5ohm that im vaping at 4.2 so i know im not burning it and before my lungs started acting up i was loving it. thanks in advance for the incite on your own personal preferences!


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The "Right" Way to Smoke Empty Re: The "Right" Way to Smoke

Post  VapeMasterSupreme on Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:02 am

First and foremost the groove you have has been recalled, EXPECIALLY the stainless steel chrome groove. The post on ECF showed the chrome groove burned and turned into a smoke bomb. Call the place you got it from and send it back and get something else before it happens to you.

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