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Post  Vaporstance on Thu May 16, 2013 10:16 am

Having trouble understanding how to get the best vape? Don't know exactly what to buy? Heres a quick guide.

The Vape Gods spoke and said let there be a simple mod...

And so was born the Joy-e Ego... Better know from this vendor as the Katana.

The katana vapes slightly under 3.7v and is also consider an "unregulated" device.

When attaching cartomizers - clearomizers - cartotanks ect to your unregulated battery, keep you "ohms" low. (between 1.5-2.0)

To get the best vapor/flavor production this set up is a definite. (for the katana)

Generally with any unregulated battery/mod you will be at the mercy of the voltage of the battery. So you will need to buy your attachments based on that fact alone.

If you decide to dive into regulated mods, then you're in luck! Now that you can regulate the output of your battery you can now "adjust to taste" (per-se)

As you raise the volts of your battery you increase the amount of power (watts) that your heating element receives. Therefor creating a different vaping experience.

Sometimes you may notice that when adjusting the battery output you can adjust flavor/vapor/throat hit. Find your sweet spot!

As a vertern, I found my sweet spot at about 3.7volts (unregulated) with a 1.8 ohm top fed tank. I like this vape for going out and about. It is easy to fill, I get a warm vape with moderate vapor production as well as a controllable throat hit. (whether i inhale through my mouth or lungs first)

When at home, I perfer a 1-1.5ohm built coil, on a genny style atomizer, using a vw mod set at or round 12watts (based on the juice). But no need to worry about what that is at the moment. That is slighty more advanced. We are more concerned about getting your foot in the door.

Any questions, feel free to PM me. No I am not associated with VapeDojo. Just a forumjunkie.

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