SPARE PARTS FOR CHI YOU CLONE - need 18650 extension tube for brass and silver mod

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SPARE PARTS FOR CHI YOU CLONE - need 18650 extension tube for brass and silver mod Empty SPARE PARTS FOR CHI YOU CLONE - need 18650 extension tube for brass and silver mod

Post  ccutty on Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:45 pm

Hello Fellow Vape Enthusiasts,

I recently purchased a flat top Efest 1600mah high drain battery for my Chi You clone, but when I got home and tried to use it, I realized that the extension tube for the 18650 battery was about 1/16" too long. I should have either looked for a button top high drain battery, or purchased a kick to see if that would help, but instead I decided to take my handy pipe cutter that a plumber would use to cut the extension tube beneath a sink with. I ended up cutting off about a 1/16" and the cut came out rather well, but when I went to screw the bottom button onto it, I realized that in the process of trimming the 18650 extension tube the threads had gotten messed up as it will no longer screw all the way on. I tried using channel grips with rubber to force the bottom button through until it met back up with the remaining threads, but this has become impossible as I suppose somehow the pipe cutter either trimmed off the beginning of the threads on the extension tube or perhaps created an overhang which has prevented the bottom button from screwing on tightly to the 18650 extension tube. Other than purchasing a tap and die set to re-thread the extension tube or maybe using a rotary device to cut new threads, I cannot use the Chi You in 18650 mode unless I'm able to purchase a new one. The bottom button threads are still okay as I can still screw it onto the 18350 & 18500 extension tubes, but I'd rather be able to use it in 18650 mode.

I've searched all over the internet and can only find tubes for the kick. No where could I find a place that offered replaceable tubes for 18650 unless you look at a Caraveli, but those extension tubes are not the same length as the Chi You.

I guess what I'm trying to figure out is if there is any Vapers out there that would be willing to sell or trade the 18650 extension tube for a Chi You brass & silver clone, or if Vape Dojo possibly has a parts cemetery that could be of benefit to me.

I know that the brass and silver Chi You clone was being sold here at one point some time ago and was hoping that somehow or another there is another person out there that may be able to sell or trade this part with me.

I can be reached at 443-939-5625


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