Kanger mini protank 2 questions

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Kanger mini protank 2 questions  Empty Kanger mini protank 2 questions

Post  mike26tx on Tue Jan 14, 2014 4:02 am

I got the Kanger mini Protank 2starter kit for Xmas and I have a few questions.
If i need to buy a replacement charger which one on this site is ok to use? I cant find this information after searching. I see a few chargers for sale but non say specifically for the mini protank 2 except that which comes with the kit itself. The manual says to make sure you use one for the exact model and I dont want any explosions which is why I want to be extra sure.
When I charge my batteries the led turns red initially then blinks green every 3 seconds , is this normal?
Thanks for any replys.


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