Ordered wrong juice/liquid

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Ordered wrong juice/liquid Empty Ordered wrong juice/liquid

Post  ntxmerman on Sun Jan 05, 2014 6:35 pm


I ordered the Super Starter Sampler Pack at the 0mg nicotine level (which kills me because I am vaping as a stop smoking aid). I have to fix this.

I searched for just plain nicotine juice to mix with my Sampler Pack flavors, but I did not see it (probably because I am impatient and cranky for quitting smoking).

My body wants the equivalent of at least 18mg nicotine to resist the urge to kick my wife and throw my cat off the balcony or vice versa. So, maybe I really need 24mg right now.

What juice do I need to order to mix with my Vape Dojo sampler juice?

Thank you in advance.


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